Aug 16

Divisional Information and Registration


If you have qualified for this event you do not have to fish the STQT

This years new formatted divisional event is on Great Pond in Belgrade ME (Public Ramp) October 1st and 2nd.

September 30th is the official practice day, and this area will be closed to participants September 25th to the 28th.

The cost to enter is $200 for boaters and $100 for non-boaters.

Note: this is a cash event with payouts. Boaters and non-boaters compete in separate brackets.

To qualify for this event you must either finish in the top 2 spots within your federated club or make the 12 man team through the STQT.

  • If you are unsure of the qualifications through your club, please contact your club president..
  • If there are any further questions please contact Matt Thoin (603) 371-7259.
  • All member that qualify for the semi-final must register individually here.

Aug 04

STQT Information


This years STQT event is on Squam Lake September 24th and 25th.

The cost to enter is $130 per participant which includes split lunker each day, entry fee, launching, parking and facility fees.

Please contact your club president and submit your information before the end of August.

We will be weighing in at the Boulders Motel and Cottages. There are also reserved rooms at a discounted rate of $79 per night plus tax, tell them you are fishing with NH TBF.

If you are a boater please submit a copy of your insurance as well, which covers the date of our event.

Feb 08

Don’t Call Them Weeds!

A great article from the In-Fishermen 2016 Bass Guide!

Don’t call them weeds In-Fisherman 2016 Bass Guide Article

Nov 14

New TBF adult program announced