State Team

Every year the New Hampshire Bass Federation holds a Semi Final Qualifying Tournament (S.F.Q.T.) This event provides local FLW/TBF chapter federation members the opportunity to compete for one of the spots on the State Team.

Qualifiers move on to the National Semi-final event against The Maine Bass Federation.

The top New Hampshire finisher and the runner-up qualify to compete in the National Championship for a shot at the Living the Dream Package.

2018 State Team

Boater Non-boater
David Tsao Carson Baril
James Rockett Chad Blanchette
John Digennaro David Pfeiffer
John Foster Don Gagnon
Josh Ledbetter Donald Weeks
Matt Razey Henry Bobadilla
Randy Almeida Josh Holden
Rob Sylvester Justin Brigham
Sheron Brown Paul Ford
Spencer Goodrich Rick Landry
Mark Anthony Tanner Aldrich
John Richards Bayard Lohmiller
Ryan Roy Eric Tarrent
Matt Thoin Jason Needham
Curt Reindeau Rob Silva
James Dambrosio Jeff Perron
Shane Hutchings Rush Decatur
Sam Kethum Doc Schneider
Mike Kelly Tracy Gerbert
Year S.F.Q.T Champion National Semi-final Champion National Qualifiers


2018 Randy Almeida Matt Thoin Matt Thoin (B)

Jason Needham (NB)

2017 Mark Mandracchia Sean Graves Sean Graves (B)

Myles Tripp (NB)

2016 Josh Ledbetter Dave Tsao Dave Tsao (B)

Henry Bobadilla (NB)

Matt Thoin (B)

Don Gagnon (NB)